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August 7, 2015

CurveNY 2015 Lingerie-Swimwear Show-Full HD Video+Photo Gallery

The Show

The Curve NY Show for 2015 was held on August 2-4th at the Javits North Convention Center.  There were over 300 brands being showcased at the show and including swimwear companies.

I attended the show on the final day because it is usually a quiet day and I would have a better opportunity to talk to some of the exhibitors and take the photos and videos you see here.

This year I wanted to simply spotlight some of the fashions being shown at the show and stopped at some of the companies that I knew from previous shows and those that would allow me to photograph their fashions and models.  Fewer words this year and more photos and video which I hope my readers will like.

Since this is a trade only show meant for retailers of lingerie and swimwear, I made a decision to make this article shorter and include links to the specific companies I covered at this show.  You can click the links below to visit their websites and see some of their fantastic fashions.  Most will offer a list of retailers in your area that carry their brand.

I would like to thank the following companies for spending time with me and allowing me to photograph their models and garments.

 Excerpts From The Curve After Show Press Release

CURVENY NEW YORK closed its doors on another successful edition on Tuesday, August 4th 2015 at Javits Center North. Once again the clean, modern layout provided the perfect environment for business to thrive as the show floor was buzzing with buyers placing orders throughout the three days.

This session was the accomplishment of extra efforts taken over the last 2 years, providing a smooth exhibitor set-up, a fresh look with the updated show directory and selection guide, along with a clean, modern feeling through new booth structures and furniture.

The show included over 300 exhibiting brands specializing in a wide range of Intimate Apparel and Swimwear categories.

Curve 2015-17Their was a positive and upbeat atmosphere which was seen by both brand representatives and retailers alike. The number of buyers on the show floor remained stable from our August 2014 show and their were 2,700 buyers who attended this show. The CURVEXPO team generated more than 250 connections between brands and retailers on show site. Also, over 800 appointments were created through the CURVEXPO website.
The leading Department and chain stores were represented by: Dillard’s (AZ), Bloomingdales (NY), Macy’s (NY), Anthropologie (PA), Urban Outfitters (PA), Neiman Marcus (TX), Nordstrom (WA), Saks Fifth Avenue (NY)…

Online retailers present were: (UK), (NY), (WA), Hautelook/Nordstrom Rack (NY), Gilt Group (NY), (NJ), ShopBop (NY)…

The specialty store presence was marked by: Journelle (NY), Alla Prima (CA), Azaleas (NY), Town Shop (NY), Bra Genie (LA), Bits of Lace (SC), Glamour House (CA), Intimacy (GA), Kate & Lace Lingerie and Swim (CA) and much more…

busy booth

This season many brands came with a lot of newness. Here are a few comments about the CURVENY show straight from the brands exhibiting: Linda Hartman, “We probably had the best show in years!” Sandra Jones from Lise Charmel, “125 appointments in 3 days, we are thrilled!”

CURVEXPO will travel to the west coast on August 17, 18 & 19 for the first edition of [email protected] held at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Our Show Video

Our Photo GalleryClick images to enlarge

  • Curve 2015-10

    Curve 2015-10

  • Curve 2015-100

    Curve 2015-100

  • Curve 2015-103

    Curve 2015-103

  • Curve 2015-104

    Curve 2015-104

  • Curve 2015-106

    Curve 2015-106

  • Curve 2015-107

    Curve 2015-107

  • Curve 2015-108

    Curve 2015-108

  • Curve 2015-109

    Curve 2015-109

  • Curve 2015-11

    Curve 2015-11

  • Curve 2015-114

    Curve 2015-114

  • Curve 2015-117

    Curve 2015-117

  • Curve 2015-12

    Curve 2015-12

  • Curve 2015-122

    Curve 2015-122

  • Curve 2015-124

    Curve 2015-124

  • Curve 2015-129

    Curve 2015-129

  • Curve 2015-13

    Curve 2015-13

  • Curve 2015-131

    Curve 2015-131

  • Curve 2015-135

    Curve 2015-135

  • Curve 2015-136

    Curve 2015-136

  • Curve 2015-137

    Curve 2015-137

  • Curve 2015-138

    Curve 2015-138

  • Curve 2015-139

    Curve 2015-139

  • Curve 2015-14

    Curve 2015-14

  • Curve 2015-140

    Curve 2015-140

  • Curve 2015-147

    Curve 2015-147

  • Curve 2015-15

    Curve 2015-15

  • Curve 2015-16

    Curve 2015-16

  • Curve 2015-17

    Curve 2015-17

  • Curve 2015-18

    Curve 2015-18

  • Curve 2015-19

    Curve 2015-19

  • Curve 2015-20

    Curve 2015-20

  • Curve 2015-21

    Curve 2015-21

  • Curve 2015-24

    Curve 2015-24

  • Curve 2015-3

    Curve 2015-3

  • Curve 2015-30

    Curve 2015-30

  • Curve 2015-31

    Curve 2015-31

  • Curve 2015-33

    Curve 2015-33

  • Curve 2015-34

    Curve 2015-34

  • Curve 2015-36

    Curve 2015-36

  • Curve 2015-37

    Curve 2015-37

  • Curve 2015-4

    Curve 2015-4

  • Curve 2015-42

    Curve 2015-42

  • Curve 2015-43

    Curve 2015-43

  • Curve 2015-45

    Curve 2015-45

  • Curve 2015-48

    Curve 2015-48

  • Curve 2015-49

    Curve 2015-49

  • Curve 2015-5

    Curve 2015-5

  • Curve 2015-50

    Curve 2015-50

  • Curve 2015-51

    Curve 2015-51

  • Curve 2015-52

    Curve 2015-52

  • Curve 2015-55

    Curve 2015-55

  • Curve 2015-57

    Curve 2015-57

  • Curve 2015-6

    Curve 2015-6

  • Curve 2015-62

    Curve 2015-62

  • Curve 2015-66

    Curve 2015-66

  • Curve 2015-67

    Curve 2015-67

  • Curve 2015-68

    Curve 2015-68

  • Curve 2015-69

    Curve 2015-69

  • Curve 2015-7

    Curve 2015-7

  • Curve 2015-71

    Curve 2015-71

  • Curve 2015-72

    Curve 2015-72

  • Curve 2015-73

    Curve 2015-73

  • Curve 2015-74

    Curve 2015-74

  • Curve 2015-76

    Curve 2015-76

  • Curve 2015-78

    Curve 2015-78

  • Curve 2015-79

    Curve 2015-79

  • Curve 2015-83

    Curve 2015-83

  • Curve 2015-87

    Curve 2015-87

  • Curve 2015-88

    Curve 2015-88

  • Curve 2015-89

    Curve 2015-89

  • Curve 2015-9

    Curve 2015-9

  • Curve 2015-90

    Curve 2015-90

  • Curve 2015-92

    Curve 2015-92

  • Curve 2015-93

    Curve 2015-93

  • Curve 2015-96

    Curve 2015-96

  • Curve 2015-98

    Curve 2015-98

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