November 6, 2012

Salone del Gusto 2012 – Best Edition


ne day is not enough to visit all the stands, meet the producers and discover all the realities that are present at  Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre. 220,000 Italian and foreign visitors, 16,000 participants in 56 conferences, 8,000 students and 3,700 children who took part in educational activities, addressing very important topics such as water, health and environment.

These are some numbers of the biannual event which coloured pavilions and Oval Lingotto Fiere in these five exciting days.

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The mix between Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre has made this edition the most beautiful of all time, allowing a continuous exchange between countries, mixing perfumes and nationalities, in which was noticeable the participation of young people, producers, delegates and visitors.

Despite the difficult period we are going through, many products were sold out in the market on Sunday evening, reflecting a growing public attention to the high quality foods.

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These are the words of Maurizio Braccialarghe, commissioner for Culture and Tourism of the City of Turin: “A huge thanks to Slow Food for an edition of Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre charachterized by extraordinary numbers. I must admit that in recent times Turin is surprising for his ability in adhesion and participation, and now the city will begin to work immediately on the 2014 edition.

But do not forget that Expo 2015 is fast approaching, and if Turin has become the symbol of food, a strong partnership with Milan is essential for the 2015 event. We need to involve the city and the population in the coming years, including many businesses and activities in the area. Said that, simply thanks to those who made possible to hold an event with this magnitude, with enthusiasm and energy.”

So, let’s come to relevant information, reporting a 10% increase in the total number of visitors, sold out at Master of Food, Workshops and Theaters of Taste with many foreigners, 15,000 downloads of the application of the event and a great turnout at Enoteca, where the great wines have been the protagonists, with the flavors of nearby Street Kitchens (Cucine di Strada).

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With its garden of 400 square meters located in the center of the Oval, Africa was undoubtedly the star of the event, with its products, the stories of the community and especially the testimonies of so many young people who wish to take up the future of the continent, returning to their villages with eyes full of testimonials, ideas and projects. Africa, therefore, but not only.

It has been talked much also about law, the fight against mafia and organized crime, rebirth and cooperation between reality affected by natural disasters, from Liguria to Emilia, from Abruzzo to Japan.

Hands shaking, exchanging contacts and ideas that are compared. In a thousand different languages. These are the symbols of Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre 2012.


  • SdG-2012-(3)


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  • SdG-2012-(11)


  • SdG-2012-(38)


  • SdG-2012-(45)


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  • SdG-2012-(83)


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  • SdG-2012-(124)


  • SdG-2012-(137)


  • SdG-2012-(146)


  • SdG-2012-(155)


  • SdG-2012-(157)


  • SdG-2012-(161)


  • SdG-2012-(167)


  • SdG-2012-(169)


  • SdG-2012-(197)


  • SdG-2012-(208)


  • SdG-2012-(214)


  • SdG-2012-(221)


  • SdG-2012-(249)


  • SdG-2012-(263)


  • SdG-2012-(266)


  • SdG-2012-(270)


  • SdG-2012-(287)


  • SdG-2012-(291)


  • SdG-2012-(312)


  • SdG-2012-(316)


  • SdG-2012-(332)


  • SdG-2012-(339)


  • SdG-2012-(342)


  • SdG-2012-(345)


  • SdG-2012-(347)


  • SdG-2012-(360)


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  • SdG-2012-(369)


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