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April 30, 2012

SHURE Introduces FP Wireless Mic System For DSLR Users

Shure Americas | Coming Soon | FP Wireless Systems

AS VEGAS (April 16, 2012)—Shure Incorporated announced today that it has introduced a new portable wireless system, FP Wireless. With intuitive, flexible components, including portable receivers and XLR plug-on transmitters, FP Wireless lends independent videographers, electronic field production (EFP) producers, and others in the broadcast and media production industry the ability to confidently capture crystal-clear audio in demanding environments.

“Understanding that portability and reliability are essential for videographers and independent producers, we designed the new FP Wireless as a super lightweight and ultra-durable product that these users can depend on in even the most extreme environments,” said Erik Vaveris, Category Director for Wireless products at Shure. “It also allows the user to set up quickly with just two presses of a button…the first to find a clear frequency and the second to sync with the transmitter.”

Featuring Shure’s industry-leading wireless audio technologies, FP Wireless incorporates Shure’s patented Audio Reference CompandingTM for ultra-low noise, crystal-clear audio, Automatic Frequency Selection for locating and identifying open frequencies at the touch of a button, and Automatic Transmitter Setup for instantly syncing the transmitter to the receiver frequency. FP series components include a lightweight, portable receiver and XLR plug-on, bodypack and handheld transmitters.

FP Wireless products are powered by two AA batteries, giving users the ultimate mobility, free from burdensome power cords. Other features include: compatibility with up to 20 systems simultaneously, Diversity Antennas for consistent reception of signal transmission, XLR and 3.5mm cable receiver output options, single transmitter and dual transmitter system options, GSM immunity in the bodypack transmitters, and compatibility with Shure SLX® Wireless components.

“Shure has a patented predictive diversity algorithm that enables the FP5 to provide extremely reliable performance even though it is a very compact receiver,” added Vaveris. “It offers better signal stability than other single-antenna receivers. Regardless of the application and use — from reality television to event videography shoots to one-on-one interviews, all of the features combine to make FP Wireless the most rugged and reliable system in its class,” added Vaveris.

Component Features of Shure’s FP Wireless:

FP1 Bodypack Transmitter:
• Automatic Transmitter Setup to instantly sync the transmitter to the receiver frequency
• LED indicator for control lockout, IR RF sync, low battery indicator
• Audio Input Gain for adjustment of audio level
• 4-Pin Microphone Input Jack for use with lavaliers or headset mics with TA4F connectors

FP2 Handheld Transmitter:
• Automatic Transmitter Setup to instantly sync the transmitter to the receiver frequency
• LED indicator for control lockout, IR RF sync, low battery indicator
• Available with SM58® and VP68 capsules, compatible with all other Shure capsules

FP3 Plug-On Transmitter:
• Automatic Transmitter Setup to instantly sync the transmitter to the receiver frequency
• LED indicator for control lockout, IR RF sync, low battery indicator
• Audio Input Gain for adjustment of audio level
• Three-stage Audio Input Level Indicator

FP5 Portable Wireless Receiver:
• Patented Audio Reference Companding for crystal-clear audio
• Automatic Frequency Selection to locate an open frequency at the touch of a button
• Automatic Transmitter Setup to instantly sync the transmitter to the receiver frequency
• Power LED with low battery indicator
• RF LED to indicate transmitter sync when illuminated
• 24 MHz bandwidth
• Support for up to 20 compatible systems simultaneously
• Receiver output level control to manage output to camera/mixer
• TA3F cable output to either XLR or 1/8” connectors (included)
• Diversity Antennas for consistent reception of signal transmission
• Camera Shoe Mount (included)

Pricing and Availability

FP Wireless will be available in mid-2012, at an MSRP of $624 for a single system (FP25/SM58) or $936 for a combo system (FP125/83SM58).

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