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History of Our Organization and Our Growth

IMPress is the third International Press Association online publication.

Our first website was introduced on the net in 1997.  Our modest site and early beginning soon expanded as the IPA independent staff membership grew. Prior to 9/11/01, IPA was simply a html website who’s goal was to enable those with talent an opportunity to gain important media access and have an opportunity to share their work on what was the World Wide Web.  Soon after 9/11 we realized that we could no longer offer our Press identification to anyone that wanted it, so we began to change how we did business on the internet.

One of the first things we had to do was build a new and more secure member based website. The new site would require each member to complete an application for membership and provide current address and contact information which we could verify.  We would then enable each independent staff member to have his or her own members profile area where they could build a professional portfolio of their works on our site. They would be able to publish their images and articles on the site and they would not only appear in their profiles, but would be published on our main site.  Through the years our site grew with these contributions from our members and as our security tightened and our Terms of Membership required members to publish their works in order to retain their member status, we realized we needed even more.

Our Member Support Blog – 2010

Members needed step by step instructions. How to cover an event, how to produce commercial quality work, how to build a professional portfolio and how to earn a living in this troubling and difficult economy.  We not only publish these many informative member support articles but  introduced our first very successful and popular “Not Another Photo Contest” contest.

With over $8,000 in prizes awarded and over 1500 entries, this contest proved that IPA could not only reach hundreds of thousands of photographers and those that appreciate photography who were urged to vote for their favorite photos, but gain a great deal of credibility with the media and the photographic community.

Contestants were not required to pay any entry fees, did not have to be current IPA members and  was open to global photographers.  The Blog was built to help our members understand the benefits of membership, but more importantly, to help them understand the many opportunities they would have as members.  Our blog has now been replaced with the publication of our current IPA website.  Our extensive support articles and videos section now helps our members to publish their works on our sites and to better their skills.

“Learn By Doing”

Today there are many intern opportunities offered by many companies.  It has been proven that these non-paid internships offer those without experience a chance to get the valuable experience employers seek when interviewing new staff members.  They have also proved that these interns  will stand a better chance of getting a job and will also earn 20-40% more then those that have never interned or lack valuable experience.  Well, the IPA program is often compared to these intern programs. Our members pay a small yearly fee to help support the IPA operations and then become part of our independent staff.

Members Receive Our Press ID Package Free With Membership

Members are then  instructed how to cover events, shows, concerts, write reviews, articles, process their images, showcase their best works, how to meet prospective clients and much more. Our Press identification and our authorization to cover events offers them the opportunity to publish the articles and photos from the coverage of these events on our site. This helps them understand how paid members of the media do their jobs and enables them to build their portfolios, their experience and confidence.  All submitted articles are read and approved by our editors prior to publication on our site and all images are also reviewed.

Our New InternationalPress.Org Site Launched April 2013


We have seen a vast change in the membership and their desire to publish their works on our sites and our main site has become a bit old by today’s standards.  Since IMPress has been such a huge success, the decision was made to model our newest site using the WordPress Blog back end with a custom designed theme that would not only make the newest site a cleaner, easier to navigate and modern looking site, but would also offer our publishing members an easier way to showcase their best works.

We have retired our original site because it was not secure and many of the sections and pages were no longer relevant.   Our new Membership program now offers our working members an opportunity to Earn By Doing and each publishing member will now receive cash incentives for publishing high quality articles on our sites.  These incentives will be used to cover part of their renewal fees each year and will help them to learn how to produce commercial quality content and help them build their professional profiles on our site.


There is no easy way today of succeeding in our industry.  Hard work, talent and drive is what you need to succeed and with IPA’s commitment to our members and to our readers, we hope our efforts to to help our members to learn their craft and then aid them in monetizing their efforts is o an important step in the right direction. We invite all of our readers to visit our new site and see the many video tutorials there and of course our members works.  Have some time?  Take our narrated site tour of our newest site.

Our Member Support Team

We take our mission very seriously and have worked hard to provide one on one support for all of our IPA members. As our organization has grown and now with the additional online publication IMPress, we realized we needed to find members who have succeeded and have followed our instructions on how to succeed at IPA.  This group of skilled members who are now the nucleus of our member support team have proven that those that exhibit the skill, the desire to learn and the ability to do the work are the ones that now make up our Member Support Team.

Len Rapoport

Len Rapoport, IPA’s President and Editor-In-Chief at IMPress.  He is located in the United States in New Jersey and is available to help members with questions they may have or problems they may encounter while on assignments.

Dominique Schreckling

Dominique Schreckling is our Director of Member Services and resides in Switzerland and is one of our most talented staff members. You can see much of his work at IPA’s main site and of course IMPress where he appears in our Photo Showcase and has published many wonderful articles.  He speaks French, German and English and is here to help all members especially those that do not speak English with their work at IPA.  IPA does publish now in many native languages.

John Soule

John Soule is our talented photo journalist and Photo Tech Editor .  John, like Dominique has many amazing images and articles for you to view and read at IMPress.  He has a wonderful understanding of the technical side of photography and is available to help our members with not only their photographic questions but also writing articles for IMPress and for our main site.

All of our staff’s contact information is located at our Contact Page on the main IPA web site, so take advantage of this wonderful support team “After” you have done your own research and read our support articles.

IMPress Our Showcase Publication

IPA wanted to create a new showplace for our members best works.  The start of IMPress our new online magazine was the logical step to accomplish these goals.  We created the name IMPress because to us it had two meanings.  The first meaning one can understand is that of a publication that will impress those that visit the publication and see our members works.  The second meaning is a bit of a play on that name. Since our members are part of the independent press, we felt our magazine’s name would call attention to their status and one reading our title might read it as,  “I aM Press”,  which best describes who our members are.

We hope that you will visit our new publication often to see some of the wonderful works of our staff and will tell others to do the same.  Welcome to IMPress, I am sure you will find our articles of interest, our photographs exceptional and our staff members…unique in their abilities.


About International Press Association

International Press Association is a professional, global, online organization made up of independent photographers, videographers, Len-Rap-Avatar-300X300photojournalists, journalists and writers who are seeking a platform that will enable them to hone their skills, gain exposure for their works and earn the credibility that comes with their best works published on a upscale international platform.

IPA is a 26 year old organization that was the brainchild of internationally published photographer, journalist and marketeer, Len Rapoport.  Originally started as a local organization in the state of New Jersey, where Len ran seminar workshops to teach studio photography to local photographers.

As a corporate communications consultant and accomplished photographer and marketeer, he decided the, then new internet, would be a good platform to expand his concept of “Learning By Doing” and launched their first website. To enable their members access to events and shows, IPA issued their own set of tools including press identification to each of its members. This gave those members some limited access to events that enabled them to photograph subjects with others of the media and write their articles.

As the internet grew and changed IPA has kept up with the technology, launching its main web site almost 7 years ago.  This site has given past members their own members profile area or Portfolio that would display their best work.  Their article and photos are published on the site as well and this has now become the site to recruit new members and display members works.

In November 2011, IPA launched our online magazine  IMPress.  As you have read, this became an instant success with readership growing at an astounding rate of 20% each and every month since its launch.  Our most highly skilled and motivated IPA members were invited to join the IMPress staff and as you can see they have done a wonderful job by publishing informative and interesting articles and photos for all to enjoy.  IMPress is meant to showcase some of best works from members both here in the United States and Europe.

In April 2013 we launched our most ambitious effort the new InternationalPress.Org site. As you have already read, this site will become the new home for IPA members that are actively publishing their works on our site. Those that prefer not to be active, will remain on our main site and will continue to be passive participants as we grow our organization.

Banner-for-Show-380X120In October 2014, we launched the Hazlet News, what we to be a local publication for the town Len Rapoport lives in has become the place to go for how to tips and tricks on maintaining your home and garden.  We now cross publish many interesting articles from IMPress on the Hazlet News site as well.

IPA continues to seek out new members who are in need of help in honing their skills so they can become better earners, or those that simply love photography and or writing and want to enjoy the benefits that comes with membership.  To join IPA please visit our new site and review all the benefits of membership and register for an exciting and educational membership at IPA.  No matter what you skill level is now, there is a place for you at IPA.

Finally in 2016 we launched our newest website Travel Pavilion that offers travel advice, articles, videos and services to those seeking professional help or information for their business or vacation needs.

Visit our newest website for the best deals in travel. We are travel experts.

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