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Who Is IPA and IMPress Magazine

International Press Association is a 27 year old member based organization of international photographers and journalists.  We teach our members how to improve their skills and gain credibility and exposure for their work by publishing on our websites.  We are also a media outlet and publish a number of online magazines.

IMPress Magazine is our showcase publication and our staff has been carefully selected from our IPA member base. Only the best photographers, videographers and journalists qualify for a staff position at IMPress.


We also own a number of other online publications including  The Hazlet News, a community publication that we share many of our posts with and cover local events in and around our town. Our latest publication dealing with travel is Travel Pavilion and we publish information on travel, cruises and resorts.

Corporate Sponsor Opportunities-Best Public Relations Opportunity – Starting At $549

e are happy to offer our Sponsor program geared for companies that exhibit at trade shows in the New York area and select cities and countries around the world.

In addition to trade and consumer shows, we have been asked to offer companies a similar program by publishing articles, reviews, photos and videos about their products or services that will enhance their current marketing and public relations efforts.

The current sponsorship fee for most trade, consumer shows and events starts at only $549 and as a sponsoring company you will be included in our complete show or event video and we will produce a custom shot and edited video for your own use.  As you read the information below it will explain how our sponsors have been able to extend the excitement and glamour of a trade show to their own websites and to their social media sites too.


More Details On Our Program – How It Works

These programs are a great way to use the experience and the credibility that only an organization like IPA and IMPress Magazine can offer.  Each qualified show sponsor will be part of the show or event coverage. We will  select companies and invite them to join our show program, it is not a requirement to take part in this optional opportunity in order to be included in our show article and video.

We have found that website visitors viewing these videos on our sponsors websites are more apt to watch them and react positively to their companies products. Nothing is better than a high quality video produced to excite your websites visitors and keep them on the site to view other pages and products.

Our Professional Correspondents Interview You At The Show

We feature two talented, professional correspondents who are available to interview companies at the shows we cover.

IPA Staff Member Andy Peeke

IPA Staff Member
Andy Peeke

Andy Peeke is a well-known personality and can be seen on television, in the media, in fashion ads and much more. Andy joined us at the 2013.  Andy is a popular model who has done many romance book covers, fitness magazine covers, fashion and photo shoots as well as television commercials and  has appeared on the ABC TV’s  “What Would You Do” show with John Quinones.


You can see Andy at work at the links below and see some of his work on the internet as well.


IPA Correspondent Amy Bursor

Amy Bursor is our newest discovery and has an extensive background in modeling, acting, hosting and as a correspondent for IPA now and a great friend and partner of Andy she has done a great job covering the 2015 NY Easter Parade2015 NY Auto Show with Andy, and the Coney Island Mermaid Parade.  They are a great team that will bring some fun to our show interviews.

Depending on the number of sponsoring companies and the sponsorship level, we will have Andy and Amy available for interviews.

Before each on camera interview Andy and or Amy will discuss what you want to cover in your segment and the products you want us to feature. You will be in professional hands and our team will guide you through each step of the production. We will shoot as long as it takes to get exactly what our sponsor wants and needs in the finished product.  We guarantee the quality of all of our work and assure you, you are in good hands.

Photographic services are also available and we will take the still images we require and is available for companies who want to capture their booth and staff in action on the floor.  Contact us for more information and to reserve your spot in our show review.

You can see some examples of both Corporate and Show articles with videos below:

Trade and Consumer Shows

2015 NY International Auto Show

2015 IBS International Beauty Show  – NY 

PDN PhotoPlus Show 2015 – New York – 11 Sponsor Slots

PDN PhotoPlus Show 2014 – New York – 5 Sponsor Slots

PDN PhotoPlus Show 2013 – New York – Show Manager Narrates Our Video

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