How the Program Works

We seek companies or projects that deserve our coverage.  This enables us to stay true to our mission and helps offset our costs of production.  It also enables us to bring rich content to our readers and thousands of YouTube and social media fans.

The benefits in being a sponsoring company is inclusion in our show article and a custom produced and edited 4-5 minute version that can be embedded on your website, uploaded to social media sites and for use in public relations, marketing or advertising purposes.  We give you the rights to use this work as you want with very few restrictions.

Once published we begin to post the information and links to the article on all relevant groups on many of the social networking sites which will get instant reads and LIKES.

Is This Paid Advertising

IPA and IMPress does not accept nor solicit paid ads for placement on our sites as many publications might.  All content we publish is original and our videos are extensive.  With over 200 videos on YouTube and almost 2 million views, people see what we do.

We offer companies and organizations a wonderful PR opportunity to include them in our show articles and videos.  Our custom versions offers even more on camera time and  allows the company spokesperson to discuss his products on camera for our videos. While they are talking we can cut-away to images or footage of the products being discussed or screen shots from their websites.

This is not advertising and should not be considered as such…it is better and is a great public relations investment at a cost that far less than any other form of public relations and it has no time limit in producing results.


How will your customers find our articles and videos?

Many trade shows will have a Press page that shows links to major show reviews. As you can see on this page from the International Beauty Show, our article with video is on the short list with three of our show videos listed.  IPA and IMPress are treated by the shows we review with the same respect as the major media outlets and this means great exposure and credibility for our sponsors.

2015 IBS Show Media Section of their website

2015 IBS Show Media Section of their website


Only one of our groups on Facebook

Our sites have a combined visit rate of over 70,000 visits per month and that is not all.

Our two IPA groups and our IMPress and IPA Fan pages also have thousands of views as well.  Our articles posted on the web, not only on our sites, but on others, drive traffic to our sites as well.  You can see one of them on Hubpages that has received over eleven million reads to date and continues to grow.  We have links in this article to our sites and we see almost half of those readers coming to see more of what we do.

Google and other search engines love our articles because we use the latest SEO techniques that tag each article with your company names and products too.  Our site is search engine optimized and we see lots of new traffic each month.

Once published we take top spot on a Google search.

Once published we take top spot on a Google search.

Knowing that search engines will locate key words in an article or even a URL today, we will make sure your company name and products appear in our article so they will be found on a search.  Now the best part is that all of our articles remain on the internet and are never removed from our site or from YouTube, so the traffic generated from our article and video will continue for years.  You can see a video we did for Royal Caribbean International now has over 250,000 views and continues to get more each year.

What A Sponsor Will Receive

Editing a video production can take many working hours as you weave the review together, edit out portions of an interview that just weren’t right and then add titles, background music and finally publish the videos to both YouTube and Vimeo with links to our website, where article with the embedded video will appear.

Our official Show videos usually include a 30 second to one minute segment for each of the sponsoring companies and we will actually shoot much more so we will have enough footage to edit for the custom edited versions. The custom edited versions usually run from 5-6 minutes which we have found is an acceptable length for social media sites and for embedding on a sponsors website.

Since IPA is an organization that does not accept paid advertising and the cost of shooting, editing and creating the reviews can run thousands of dollars we have asked for sponsors to simply cover some of these costs.

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