Samples of Sponsored Events

New York International Beauty Show 2015

See our video and sponsoring companies…


PDN PhotoPlus Expo 2014 – Always one of our larger  projects… Multiple manufacturers signed on for this project .  See our article and videos..



Comments From Some of Our  Sponsors On Past Projects

Date:  November 1, 2013 8:57:58 AM EDT – From:  Jeff Seidel <>

Hi Len,
The bloopers are fine to leave in.  Everyone loves them!  I have posted the version you sent me on our Facebook page and already shared with the vendors involved.  
We all think this came out great and Cindy loves it.  Great job on your part and thanks for putting as much time into it as you have.  Thanks for all of your hard work and I hope you came through the storm OK.
Jeffrey J. Seidel
Director of Sales and Service
OmegaBrandess Distribution

Date:  November 12, 2013 9:52:58 AM EST – From:  Laura Craft <>

Hi Len,

Stacie thought your video was fantastic.  She specifically noted the high quality and greatly appreciates all the effort you put in.
Thanks again for everything!
Laura Craft


From Stacie Errera Chief Marketing Officer at Tamron:  

Thanks Len. We will get this posted this week. We really appreciate it.  
The Tamron edited video will be placed on our Tamron Vids section of our website.  Great job, count us in for next year as well. 
Stacie Errera
Chief Marketing Officer – Tamron USA, Inc.


Our Articles Are Search Engine Optimized

Our PDN Photoplus article has taken the top spot right under the official shows listing on Google. As you can see from this screen shot, our video on YouTube and our article, are at the top of the search for this show out of 101,000 results.  Our show reviews continue to get reads and the videos continue to get views and are never removed from our site or from YouTube.  The gift that keeps on giving.

PDN PhotoPlus


We Are A Media Company – Why Do We Offer Sponsorships

Anne Krystel Models Curve 2012

Anne Krystel Models Curve 2012-Click to Enlarge

Our primary reason to cover the many New York trade and consumer shows is because it drives traffic to our publications.  As any newspaper or magazine knows it is important to provide exciting content.  Unlike most media outlets, our mission is a bit different.

They want the traffic so they can sell advertising.  We do not accept paid advertising and never ask for any financial assistance from the companies we interview at the events we cover.  Our sponsorship program was a suggestion by some of our companies at the shows who wanted us to produce an extended version of our normal interview for their use.

So we decided to do just that and it has become a success for the sponsors and for us.  We have improved the productions we now create and have added talent we were unable to afford in the past.

So it has become a win for us and for the companies who have chosen to become sponsors.  We will of course visit and interview companies at these shows that are not sponsors and many of the consumer shows like the NY Auto Shows are not sponsored at all.


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