Our IMPress FB Page

Our IMPress FB Page

Social Networking Marketing and Promotion

We will also include you in our social networking promotional effort on our two Fan pages and two groups on Facebook as well as many of the other major groups that cater to your industry. We advise all sponsors in a project to promote our article on their groups as well.  By doing so the combined exposure of each sponsor is greatly increased.  Imagine each sponsoring company promoting the article. Each sponsor then has  the increased exposure from the total effort from all of the sponsoring companies.



Just some of our sponsoring companies

We Will Help Your Brand Too

Since branding is so important today, we can help by including your logo art on the start of the video and with additional titles and closing credits. We will also place your logo in the review.  Your company receives select placement in the review and video and we will include a sponsors direct competitors in any of our reviews, you get an exclusive with your sponsorship.

Note: Additional features can be included in your video which might include photos of your product integrated into the video, special effects, special music or sound options etc.

Photos and Videos For Your Corporate Use

Many companies love to show potential customers the activity at their booths at trade shows. “On the floor” of a major show is a great way to add excitement to your products and being shown on our site means that IPA approves of your products and services. With all the money spent at shows on booth construction, personnel and product, this is a wonderful way to take advantage of those costs.

We have found that our videos (travel and products) have a nice feel to them and don’t appear to be too slick.  Once your video is posted on YouTube we will not remove it, so you will gain from years of exposure and branding for the one time fee.

If you need some high quality photos of your booth or your models, we can assist you in this as well. Our team consists of a professional videographer, photographer, and on the scene correspondent or reporter there to capture you and your products at the show. Our photographic services are affordable and you will have use of the photos for your promotional, website or publication purposes at very affordable cost

How The Articles Will Appear On Our Site

Show articles will initially appear In The Spotlite on our home page on our IMPress site for a week or longer in the top spot. It IMPress_Articlewill then become an article in our growing library of articles (or archives) that can easily be found by search engines and simple searches by category, title, company name, tags, and many other criteria on our site.  These articles will remain available and on our sites so they will continue to point potential customers to your site and products.

If you are interested in being part of one of our show reviews please contact Len Rapoport, IPA’s President and IMPress Magazine’s Publisher and Editor-In-Chief.

Sponsorship Costs and What You Receive

Sponsorship is only $549 and as a sponsoring company you receive the following:

  1. Inclusion in the main show review and show video.
  2. Your company name with a link to your website and a brief description of the products you produce or sell.
  3. An on the show floor video interview with our correspondent that can showcase some of your best products or styles.
  4. A custom video of that interview with cut-aways to your products, your website and your company logo art.
  5. Each sponsors video will also appear on YouTube for additional views.
  6. Main show video will be embedded in our show article and we will link to each sponsors individual video from the article.
  7. We will provide you with a full HD version of your video that you can download from our server and use on your computers or for marketing purposes.  We retain all copyrights and you have limited rights to use our videos for your own use.
  8. All videos will contain titles and captions, appropriate musical score and further information about your company in our closing titles.
  9. Optional Exclusive Article about your company and products with your video embedded in the article. Add $100

    Terms: Payment is due prior to our interview, delivery of finished video 1-2 weeks after show. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Everything In This Package For One Small Sponsorship Fee Of $549

Product Reviews & Other Sponsor Opportunities Available

Please visit our new Product Review section as well which is now a separate area of our site. Previous product and show reviews appear as articles in the body of the site and can be accessed through a category, tag, or title search.  Now we will expand this section for those products we feel will be of interest to our members and site visitors.

Hotels, Resorts, Cruise Lines, Tour Operators that would like us to review their properties or services should also contact us as well. See our Corporate Testimonials page .

Companies that have products they feel would fit our format and our readership, should contact us for further information on becoming one of our featured reviews and potential sponsors.  Want us to produce advertorial for your company?  Let us do all the work and place it in IMPress and on many social networking groups and pages including all of ours for maximum exposure.



Len Rapoport

President and Editor-In-Chief

International Press Association

IMPress Magazine


For further information, stats and other joint venture or promotional opportunities click here



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