Welcome to IMPress

We are excited and so are our members with this,  IPA’s third  media website. IMPress (also pronounced I Am Press) is a unique online magazine that publishes some of our members best articles, photos and videos.  This site is unlike our main site, that also publishes articles and member portfolios, because it is a magazine format and is meant for our readers to enjoy.  No promotional material will be published on this site, only great articles, reviews, photos and videos.

IMPress has been designed to attract global readers who appreciate the best works of our talented independent staff members and we now allow publication from our international staff members in their native languages.  For those that grant media access we also hope our new publication will enable you to better understand and verify the validity of a staff member and the quality of their work.  We do believe everyone visiting our publication will truly be impressed by the body of works in this new and exciting format.

For our independent staff members who have qualified to become part of our IMPress staff, we hope this new publication will showcase your best works in a manner befitting the hard work and dedication it takes to produce them. For those members that have not qualified yet, we encourage you to do your best and publish your works on our main site so we can determine your qualifications for inclusion in our IMPress team.

The Articles

This site has been designed to make it easy to find articles and photos in a number of ways. You will also note that we now offer language translation of our pages as well in 5 different languages. Only the pages and text on our site that is in English will be translated into the available languages, not those written originally in another language.  You will also see links to our image gallery as well.

You can also click on an article in our News Toggle slider on the top of our  pages.  If you prefer not to see this top slider, simply click on the “News Toggle” on the top of our home page and it will remove it from your view, click it again to restore it.

You will also see we have a number of articles in our main Spotlight window and the slide show will display a new one every few seconds.  To view an article from the Spotlight display you can either click on it or under the main display, you can click on any of the thumbnails to take you to those articles as well.

As you scroll down our home pages you will see other options to view articles including Feed, Latest Articles, Tag Cloud and Archives.  On the pages footer, you will note we have a calendar.  Any of the numbers in red are dates that articles were posted. Click on any one of these dates to view those articles.

Our members will contribute articles and photos on a  vast number of categories and you can search for specific articles by category as well as by the tags our authors have assigned to each article they publish.

Links To Our Groups, Comments, Sharing, Press Releases

On the right of the page we have included links to some of the IPA groups on social networking sites. On Facebook  Like us on our International Press Association and IMPress fan pages.  Don’t forget to join our groups there too.  If you are on LinkedIn, join our group there too.  Please feel free to leave your comments on the articles and posts on this site, our staff will appreciate them and we will learn to understand what you want to see here. As the weeks and months progress, we intend to add many new features to the site, so please visit us often and of course subscript to our feed.  If you have any questions or would like to join and qualify to become part of our staff, please visit the IPA website and discover the many benefits of membership.

One final note…IPA receives thousands of Press Releases each month. We will hand select those we feel will be of interest to our readers, so watch for the latest breaking news their as well.

Welcome to IMPress, we do hope you will enjoy your stay here and recommend our site to others.

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