October 6, 2012

Glitter Boots Are The Must Have Trend This Autumn


et ready to fight it out girls and boot (pardon the pun!) someone out of the way for the popular trend this fall – the glitter boots.  They are set to be the huge trend of AW12 and are the perfect item to jazz up any outfit during the cold, winter months and I can’t think of a prettier way to help keep your feet warm. You never have enough shoes for every occasion and with Christmas creeping up, the glitter boots will blend in with the festive season beautifully.  They are the hottest thing in stores at the moment and with a whole variety to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice.

Inspired by designers

Fashion house Miu Miu showcased their glitter boot collection for A/W trend. (Photo credit: Miu Miu)

Glitter boots were the catwalk inspiration by Miu Miu who heavily featured this trend in their new collection, which took the fashion world by storm and became one of the most talked about features on the runway. As the models strutted down the catwalk the fashion house helped to inspire many to follow suit and imitate this look in their wardrobe.

Which celebrities have been dazzling in their boots?

Actress Diane Kruger has been working Miu Miu’s staple glitter boot recently. (Photo credit: Getty Images)

Celebrities often like to be on the pulse of the fashion trend and as the season has changed, so has their wardrobe and accessories.  The glitter boot has been worn by an array of A-listers, including fashion icon Alexa Chung, actress Kate Bosworth, Diane Kruger and Mischa Barton to name but a few. Glitter boots are expected to be a staple trend on the feet of the celebrities throughout the autumn/winter season. So keep your eyes peeled!

Can you wear them during the day as well as at night?

The answer is, yes of course! It is perfectly acceptable to sparkle during the daytime as well as dazzling through the night.  Pairing your outfit with glitter boots will help to enhance a simple outfit and make your shoes your eye-catching statement piece.  They can help to add those extra few inches to your height, but do so with the comfort of wearing a boot rather than a high heel.  The added bonus of wearing boots is that they can easily be paired with jeans, leggings and a dress to enhance the everyday, casual look.

Wearing glitter boots at nighttime will create a look that is eye-catching and can make any outfit appear chic without going overboard.  Depending on the look hoping to be achieved, adding glitter boots can enhance a rock chick look, compliment any sparkly accessories and make your feet the center of attention.  Styles of boots range from subtly covered boots, slightly matte styles to ultra-shimmery, stand out statement shoes, which can be experimented with for any evening outfit.

The best thing about glitter boots is that you can stick with the same pair if you choose to, all you need to do is choose your outfit to compliment them from day to night. With a great variety of boots on sale in many stores, you can enjoy a full day of shopping searching for the perfect pair to keep your feet warm and most importantly – stylish!

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