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International Press Association Creates New Online Magazine IMPress

October 15, 2011…International Press Association has announced the launch of its latest web site and online publication called IMPress.

Len Rapoport, IPA’s founder and president said “IPA wanted to create a new showplace for our members best works.  The start of IMPress our new online magazine was the logical step to accomplish these goals.  We created the name IMPress because to us it had two meanings.  The first meaning one can understand is that of a publication that will impress those that visit the publication and see our members works.  The second meaning is a bit of a play on that name. Since our members are part of the independent press, we felt our magazine’s name would call attention to their status and one reading our title, might read it as,  ”I aM Press”,  which best describes who our members are.”

IMPress will be a unique online magazine that will publish some of IPA members best articles, photos and videos.  Unlike their main site, that also publishes articles and member portfolios, the IMPress format has been designed to attract global readers who appreciate the best works of their independent staff members.  For those that grant media access, Impress will enable these people a more efficient way to verify the validity of a staff member and the quality of their work. IPA’s belief is that everyone visiting IMPress will truly be impressed by the body of works in this new and exciting format.

The Articles, Photos and Videos

This site has been designed to make navigation easy. To find specific articles a visitor can simply click on any of the navigational tabs in a specific category. The “News Toggle” slider on the top of the home  page or any of the articles in the main Spotlight window or on any of the thumbnails will also direct a reader to those articles as well. Of course there are a number of other searches one can do, by date using their calender on the bottom of the page, by Latest Articles, Tag Cloud in the footer and Feeds. Of course if a reader wants to see all the articles from a particular staff member they can do that as well.

To view the Photo Showcase, there is a page link on the top of the pages. Clicking on that link will take the viewer to the showcases main directory. They can also go to a specific photographers work by using the drop down menu under the main Photo Showcase link to view those images and videos directly. Navigation on the site is easy and efficient.

The Staff

A select group of IPA independent members have been invited as the initial core for the publication. IPA has selected those photographers and journalists that have shown a high skill level on their main site. For the past month they have been contributing their work to the site and the site already has over 100 articles ranging from travel, concerts, fashion and style to culture, art and product reviews. The Photo Showcase contains hundreds of exceptional images from their group of Photographers. Some are photojournalists that tell their wrenching stories in photographs while others deal with travel, nature, sports, people and other subjects including exciting events and shows. Of course some of their staff are videographers too and they are represented too with samples of their video works and links to a wider body of their works on YouTube and Vimeo.

The Goal

Since IPA has become a very select group of independent photographers, journalists and videographers, their goal is to continue to expand their member base. Current and past members have come from around the globe including: the United States, Canada, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, France, Portugal, Belgium, Russia, Slovenia, India, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Dubai, Malaysia, Greece, New Zealand, Australia, Israel and Berundi. Although their member base is primarily in the United States and Europe, they are still finding membership interest from photographers and journalists from many other countries.

IPA’s Goal is to seek out skilled photographers and journalists that are having a difficult time during these hard economic times. By creating IMPress, they feel a greater number of readers, will see their staff members works, which of course gives the members greater exposure and credibility, which hopefully will bring them better paid assignments and other professional opportunities.

About International Press Association

IPA is a 20 year old organization with 15 years on the web. They are the only organization offering the package of benefits including press access to many events. Their mission is to level the playing field and help smaller independent photographers, journalists and videographers achieve some of the same access and benefits afforded those that work in the media full time.

Many of the IPA members have been published in many prestigious publications, but unless they are on a specific assignment, or have or have legitimate Press identification, they simply don’t have the access they might need. IPA offers a “Learn By Doing” program which they tend to compare with modern day intern programs. Current reports have proven that interns  will stand a better chance of getting a job and will also earn 20-40% more then those that have never interned or those that lack valuable experience.

The IPA program is often compared to these intern programs because it helps their members understand how to cover events, conduct themselves, capture the images and information needed to write their articles and publish their images on the IPA website. Without this program and the exposure and information IPA provides, many of their members would never have an opportunity to gain the experience and build their professional portfolios. One can visit their testimonials page to see how it has helped some of their members.

Member Support Blog – 2010

Last year IPA introduced their Member Support Blog. The blog contains many informative articles that instruct members with an easy to understand step-by-step approach. The articles are available for non-members too and they have over 15,000 photographers from their many social networking groups visiting the site each day. Last year IPA ran and successful “Not Another Photo Contest” contest.  Over $8,000 in prizes awarded and over1500 entries and over 2600 websites referring to their site, Facebook being the number one referring site.

Those interested in finding out more about IPA and its program or who would like to qualify for a staff position on IMPress should contact Len Rapoport after visiting the IPA websites. Len is always happy to answer questions and is active in helping each member who shows a willingness to follow their program. Mr. Rapoport said, “If a member takes the time to actually do the work and contributes articles and photographs to the IPA websites, I am more then happy to work with them on a one-on-one basis and help them achieve their goals”.


Media Contact: Len Rapoport

International Press Association

P.O. Box 92 • Hazlet, NJ 07730-1129

Tel: 732 888-2777






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