November 28, 2014

MOVI – “Working In The Risk Zone”


“Years ago the industry in Chile realized that they were capable of making wines that were much more than cheap and cheerful.  Obviously the more smaller, more agile independent producers, like MOVI members, are capable of moving more quickly in that direction.”

– Derek Mossman Knapp, MOVI co-founder, Independent vintner, Garage Wine Co.

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About The MOVI Movie

he mini-documentary film The MOVI Movie (running time 14:00 minutes) explores a dynamic and unconventional group of Chilean winemakers, who are helping to create substantial changes in the Chilean wine business. MOVI dares to work in the “risk zone” when it comes to the art and business of wine-making.

MOVI (Movimiento de Viñateros Independientes) has gained quite a reputation in the world of wine due to its quality product, cutting edge wine making practices and unique marketing style.  The film was shot at several member wineries in two of Chile’s most interesting and beautiful wine regions, Casablanca and the Maule Valley in February 2014.

Warning:  The MOVI Movie is not your traditional wine film.  Like the MOVI organization, when creating this movie, we were passionately working in the “risk zone.”

Casablanca Valley, Chile

Casablanca Valley, Chile


Meet MOVI: Working to improve the image of Chilean wines

The MOVI story begins in Maipo Valley on June 1, 2009. A group of twelve, independent Chilean winemakers, fed up with the world’s perception about Chilean wines, decided to break away from the big wine industry’s business plan of making great value, mass market wines created to supermarket specifications.  Movi’s twelve founding members represent widely differing histories and more than a half-dozen wine-making countries.


“Before the existence of MOVI, the wine press and wine lovers believed that Chile is just the big companies, which seemed kind of boring in some ways, but when MOVI showed up, people began to understand that more exciting things were happening in the Chilean wine world.” – Andrés Sánchez Westhoff – MOVI Co-founder, Winemaker – Gillmore Winery and Vineyards


Recognizing this seemingly unnoticed opportunity, the MOVI group put their heads together to form The Movement of Independent Vintners, whose success would be based on the principles of counter culture, solidarity, diversity, suffrage and producing quality wines, made on a human scale. When MOVI came into existence, this revolutionary idea was not present on the Chilean wine industry’s radar screens.

“MOVI is more than a group.  It’s an institution which promotes human scale wines,  high quality wines.  We show the world wines made with passion.  MOVI’s target is to improve the image of Chilean wines.”

– Felipe García, MOVI co-founder, winemaker, co-owner Garcia + Schwaderer Co.


MOVI member Angela Mochi, Winemaker, Co-Owner Attilio & Mochi

MOVI member Angela Mochi, Winemaker, Co-Owner Attilio & Mochi



“In the beginning, MOVI was perceived as a threat. Many wineries and wine organizations did not understand what MOVI wanted to do or what they were saying. MOVI was seen as unconventional, they wore black T-shirts and used Rock n’ Roll music during their gatherings.”

– Felipe García, MOVI co-founder, winemaker, co-owner Garcia + Schwaderer Co.

MOVI Co-Founders Felipe García & Constanza Schwaderer, Garcia + Schwaderer Co.

MOVI Co-Founders, Winemakers Felipe García & Constanza Schwaderer, Garcia + Schwaderer Co.

At that time, like many of the MOVI founders, winemakers Felipe García and his wife and business partner Constanza Schwaderer had winemaking jobs at two of Chile’s larger wineries, Casas del Bosque and Corpora. When García and Schwaderer launched their first independent wine in 2008, their success in several wine publications began to make their employers jealous. Later, when Felipe and Connie were featured on the cover of the national publication Revista del Campo distributed by the newspaper El Mercurio, they were both promptly fired.

Early problems aside, MOVI appears to have become a complementary and healthy counterculture for a Chilean wine trade, which members feel has been steeped in the status-quo for too long.

“A group of like-minded Chilean vintners came together in an act of self preservation never thinking that it would sound a chord heard round the world.”

– Derek Mossman Knapp, MOVI co-founder, Independent vintner, Garage Wine Co.

Topping up the barrels at Viña La Reserva de Caliboro, Maule Valley, Chile

Topping up the barrels at Viña La Reserva de Caliboro, Maule Valley, Chile

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Rudi Goldman
Rudi Goldman
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  1. Rudi Goldman

    This video film gives you a short but dynamic, clear and honest vision of what the MOVI group actually is: the NEW CHILE. I had the chance, pleasure and honour to visit some of the MOVI members… They are all different, with a unique personality, experience, vision on winemaking and of course their own ‘terroir’. But all of them share the same passion, the same pride to be a real vigneron / wine grower / viñatero … and the same will to enjoy life, have fun and share their passion and love of wine and life. This video film is a wonderful testimony. Thank you so much, Rudi Goldman for this piece of art… Highly recommended, the MOVI Movie… ***** Christian Callec via Facebook

  2. Rudi Goldman

    Rudi…There is an excellent story here…the visual quality is superb…breathtaking views…from a part of the world not many get to see. Thank you for sharing this with me…The MOVI Movie is a remarkable story.
    – Mark Norman, President World Wine Marketing, Greater New York City Area

  3. Rudi Goldman

    Wine is truly made of dreams. . .

    Filming pioneers domesticating a new terroir is an incredible opportunity to show the world that only passion creates movement and action.

    In this film, Rudi Goldman transcends his passion with the passion of the MOVI winemakers. Due to the complexity of wide a range of factors, bringing the best from a terroir is a winemaker’s daily challenge that only people with passion can achieve.

    As Francisco Gillmore says in the film, ‘the difference is in the people who produce the wines.’ Thanks artists, for sharing your talents with us.

    Christian Briard,

  4. Rudi Goldman

    Masterful production! Rhythm, exciting visuals helped encapsulate a lot of information into a magnetic film. The film reinforces the theme of family-owned vineyards’ passion for wine and the hope future success in the market as a collective. Spokespersons were well coached. Represents Chilean wine country beautifully. Congratulations! – Janet Smiljanic

  5. Rudi Goldman

    Fantastico !!!! Great job, Thanks for all your passion and vision over this project !!!! Beautiful work !!!!!
    – Andrés Sánchez Westhoff, Winemaker, Gillmore Winery & Vineyards?

  6. Rudi Goldman

    “This video does a great job of capturing the spirit and focus of MOVI, Chile’s Movement of Independent Winemakers — a great view into what’s new and dynamic in Chile winemaking today.” – Andy Pflaum -Kingston Family Vineyards, technology startup executive and advisor?

  7. Rudi Goldman

    Rudi, thanks a lot for the video you made. It´s so amazing that you managed to capture and show the true essence of MOVI – Angela Mochi – Co-Owner Attilio and Mochi

  8. Rudi Goldman

    The video is great! I like it a lot! – Felipe Garcia, Winemaker, Co-Owner Garcia + Schwaderer Co.

  9. Rudi Goldman

    It looks like you’ve captured the essence of some true innovators in the wine business. I liked the point that, more than good grapes, it takes good people to make a good wine. – John B Stevens?

  10. Rudi Goldman

    It is all about what we import from Chile.
    Small Boutique winery, concept of making human scale not mass product.
    I’m very proud of being a MOVI ambassador in Korean market.
    In addition to, most people on Film are my friends.
    Cheers! – In Suk Chung via Facebook?

  11. Rudi Goldman

    Excelente !!!!!! Amigo Rudi – Cesar Opazo Vargas General Manager
    Caliboro Estate

  12. Rudi Goldman

    Great stuff, Rudi! You remain the man! When you see the name MOVI, you know you’re getting great wine. And when you see the name Rudi Goldman, you know you’re getting a great wine movie! – Josh Pachter?

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