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May 24, 2018

New York City’s Dance Parade 2018

I have covered the Dance Parade now for three years and look forward to it each year. Many parades I have covered, may have huge floats, hot air balloons, or celebrities, but not the Dance Parade.  This is a parade that brings the people of New York together for a day of Dance and fun.

Over 10,000 Dancers, DJs And Live Bands Will Light Up The City Under The 2018 Theme: The Cabaret Of Life!

“The parade commences at Broadway and 21st Street, travels south through Union Square, turns East onto 8th Street and continues into Tompkins Square Park in the East Village.”

Dance Parade New York showcases cultural vibrancy with ethnic groups, including: African, Middle Eastern, Latin American, Asian, as well as social dance styles, including: Swing, Salsa, Tango, Hip Hop, club dancing, and more. Traditional dance forms such as Ballet, Modern, Tap and Jazz are also heavily represented during the parade. Modern forms include dancers from the New York Nightclub soulful house, electronic and burning man style performing artists along with hip-hop, whacking, voguing, popping and locking dancers.

One of The Best Parades

We found that this year the Spanish-speaking countries were the most prepared.  The smaller individual groups were not.  Dance studios, both adult and children where there, too and it was fun watching people and children of all ages, dancing down the avenue.

From Their Website

The New York Dance Police (NYDP) ticket folks for NOT dancing, issuing summons to free or discounted dance classes or parties.  Volunteers receive a hat, t-shirt, whistle and ticket book and are also asked to distribute programs to audience members along the parade route.

A brigade of 30 uniformed men and women “NYDP” patrol the parade playfully seeking participants to join the dance. Continuing a fan favorite tradition started in 2007, audience members, onlookers or others not dancing are approached by the dance police and asked a few questions. Non-dancers are given a summons stating that they must report to a dance school or nightclub to serve time: dance lessons or practice. The summons is accompanied with a discount or free offer for entry to a club or school.

So instead I hope you enjoy the photos I shot of the parade and hopefully next year we can once again produce a great video for our article full of dancing to music.

DanceFest 2018

DanceFest 2018 in Tompkins Square Park, the destination of the parade at Avenue A and Saint Marks Place, comes alive with choreographed performances, dance lessons and social dance – all free to the public. Five stages and site specific work throughout the park offer something for everybody including performances by culturally diverse participants from the parade and an opportunity to learn dance from the city’s best dance teachers.

2018 Dance Parade Photo Gallery

Photos By Len Rapoport – © 2018 International Press Association for IMPress Magazine

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