We will feature some of our members exceptional images in these galleries.

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Here is a selection of our select photography staff members works. Please visit this page often as we add new galleries and new images.

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Staff Images

georgie-doggles-3 Len Rapoport • President • Editor-In-Chief • Photojournalist
IPA Staff ID: 1000

I am an internationally published photographer and the founder of International Press Association. As president and editor-in-chief, my duties at IPA are extensive. I am happy to present some of my favorite images and hope you enjoy viewing them.

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Balloon Festival Dominique Schreckling • Photojournalist
IPA Staff ID: 06617

I live in the french speaking part of Switzerland, near Lake Geneva. Apart from my main work as a software engineer, I try to work as a freelance photographer. I discovered photography over 15 years ago and it has become a passion. I love to cover many different events and hope you get a feeling of excitement for these events by viewing my photos.

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Macro John Soule • Photojournalist
IPA Member ID: 06675

John is from the Washington DC area and has been in photography and photo editing as a hobby since the mid-1960s. The galleries here are from some of his travels both in the United States as well as around the world. Most photos are taken in Nikon RAW format and converted to JPEG for online presentation. Where noted, some photos have been reproduced as watercolor, black and white, or processed in HDR to capture the desired effect.

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5jpg Uganda, prisoners of stone quarries. IPA Archives

This gallery displays some of our past members works. We have selected some of the best and hope you enjoy viewing them.

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pooped-dancers Howard Grapek • Photojournalist
IPA Member ID: 06549

For the first 15 years of my photographic career, I’ve focused on Wildlife and Nature Photography. Most recently, I would call myself a “lifestyle photographer”. Basically, that means that I mix photojournalism, candid portraits, and creative photography approaches to capture the most beautiful and hidden moments.

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SAMSUNG Jim Anken Deka • Photojournalist
IPA Staff Member: 06663

A Documentary Film Maker, Music Composer and Arranger, Photographer and Producer from Assam, India, presently based in Bangalore. He is also the founder and director of Eastern Fare Music Foundation and Editor-in-Chief of EF News International.

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