I am Dominique and born in 1972. I discovered photography more than 20 years ago. I do nature photography including landscapes, wildlife and macros and travel photography, especially Africa. Since a few years I am expanding my photographic horizon with concert photography and sport events where the International Press Association is really helpful.

I have put together some slide show/videos and have selected a few that you can see here or visit YouTube and see all of them.

Festival International du Ballon 2014 – Château-d’Oex

Swiss Cup Zurich 2013

Léman Tradition 2013

I was the official photographer of the local event “Léman Tradition” on Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

Portfolio 2012

This slideshow gives an overview of my photographic work in 2012 including photos from trips to Madagascar and Lisbon, as well as various events I had the chance to attend during the year.

Portfolio 2011

This slideshow is meant to give an overview of my photographic work in 2011. It features travel photography from Southern Africa, Borneo Swiss landscapes as well as photos of various music, cultural and sport events.

Kalahari Desert – Wet Season April 2010

An overview of 3 weeks around the Kalahari Desert in Namibia and Botswana during the wet season.

Combats de Reines 2011

Photos of a very traditional event in the Canton du Valais in Switzerland. Please refer to the article on IMPress for more information about the event.

33e Festival International de Ballons Château-d’Oex

Each year during the winter takes place in Château-d’Oex in Switzerland, the place where Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones started for their nonstop balloon trip around the world, one of the largest international balloon festival. Overview of the 33rd edition of January 2011:

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