One of my Garage Sale eBay Listings. Click to Enlarge

One of my Garage Sale eBay Listings. Click to Enlarge

How I started Selling on eBay

I started selling items on eBay over 13 years ago when eBay first launched on the internet.  I had tons of stuff in closets, the attic and just about everywhere that I simply had to get rid of and didn’t know how. I had been to an auction some years earlier in New York City when a movie memorabilia company went out of business.  I purchased a few hundred dollars worth of movie posters, some that were quite large, called 4, 6 and 8 sheets that you might see on the outside of the theater.  I also bought signed publicity stills of actors and actresses and some promotional stills as well.

I Earned Over $50,000 My First Year

Needless to say my few hundred dollar investment turned into many thousands of dollars because I was able to sell many of these on eBay at prices that reached as much as $200 for one poster. My cost average was $4 each.  My first year on eBay I did over $50,000 gross and my actual cost of what I sold, was possibly $2,000.  Over the years I developed my own templates, I wrote a number of How-To articles for eBay and from time to time would put items up I no longer needed or wanted.  I even went to auctions in my area for merchandise I could sell on eBay and also found some great deals at Costco when they closed merchandise down.  I then turned around and sold it on eBay.  The early years on eBay were wonderful. You would put up 100 items, sell 80-90 and the cost of shipping was low enough, that I was able to sell to international customers at low cost.

Things Have Changed at eBay

Now eBay has evolved and grown and many things I loved have changed.  eBay is more competitive today and doing business on eBay can be a challenge for the novice or experienced seller.  Today you would be doing well if you sold 10-20% of what you listed first time around.  The cost to “insert” auctions has also gone up, along with eBay, Pay Pal fees and the rising costs to mail or ship items.  So with all the new challenges and the new regulations at eBay, the most recent ones regarding the sizes of images you now have to upload it is not as easy to sell on eBay and still make money, unless you can put up a ton of listings fast, and with very little effort.

Garage Sales Comes To The Rescue

A few years ago I discovered an application called Garage Sale for the Mac that has made the process so much easier for me and the thousands of others that use this program. In order to compete now with the major retailers and professional sellers on eBay, the average guy needs to be able to put together his ad to look as good as those of the pros.  Garage Sale by is the perfect solution.


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Not only does this program come with tons of templates to choose from but the process of putting up a great looking auction on eBay is as simple now as dragging an image from your desktop over to the template and dropping them in. You can even drag images directly from iPhoto or Aperture or of course from your desktop too.


You can copy text from any source or input it in yourself right into the template with ease and they have the same formatting text options including:  font size, color, bold, italic, font type, line spacing and others to make your copy and titles look awesome.

FREE Insertion Days Saves You $$$

Now putting together the ad is not hard with Garage Sale but the beauty of this app is that it will actually let you save all of your auctions while you wait for an eBay FREE Listing day and then upload them all at that time. I have found waiting for the FREE Listing Days Sales is a no brainer. I can save hundreds of dollars in Insertion or Listing Fees this way and if an items doesn’t sell, well it didn’t cost me anything to list it.  This is a big deal in itself and you will save enough the first time you use Garage Sale to cover the small cost of only $39.99 USD.  The license lets you use the app on two Macs, so you can have one on the laptop and one on your office computer and run auctions just about anywhere.

They also keep you current with constant upgrades to help you keep current with any eBay changes and they are many. If you try to start an auction and there are any errors in your auction listing, they will warn you and tell you what needs to be changed. This is important and helps you if you forgot to include something vital in your auction listing.  It would take volumes to discuss all the features of this great and useful program so I am going to ask you to visit their web site and view these on the Feature Overview page.


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I found that the Auction Options or Inspector section makes is easy to add all the details or options necessary.  I can list:  categories, duration of the auction,  item condition, quantity, shipping information, payment options and much more. The things we tend to forget when listing an item manually.

Partial List Of  Key Features

  • Auction Tracking – Track your running auctions from within GarageSale.
  • Variation Support – GarageSale 6 supports eBay’s item variation feature!  GarageSale 6 supports eBay’s item variation feature! so you can list an item in different sizes, colors or other variations…very cool indeed.
  • Inventory Tracking – You can now define products and assign them title, pricing information, images, and quantity.
  • eBay Store Support – GarageSale fully supports eBay stores. Just download your store categories in the ‘Accounts’ preferences panel and use GarageSale to upload items to your eBay Store.
  • Free Image Hosting – Store up to twenty images per auction free of charge on our servers and say ‘Goodbye’ to eBay’s image hosting fees.
  • Start your auctions anytime you want to – WITHOUT paying extra.  This is a great way to time when the auctions start and end.  Pick the prime time when people shop.
  • GarageSale fully supports eBay stores. Just download your store categories in the ‘Accounts’ preferences panel and use GarageSale to upload items to your eBay Store.
  • Use Multiple eBay Accounts – I have two accounts myself, I just select from the drop-down menu which account to upload the auction.
  • 140 Unique Auction Designs – Enhance your listing with one of over 140 auctions designs. With each of them you can change how images and description are laid out.
  • EN_listing_design_coverflow

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  • iPhoto and Aperture integration – The Media Browser lets you import photos from different sources easily. Access all your images from iPhoto and Aperture directly from within GarageSale.
  • Import videos from YouTube

One of the best things this app does is track all of your eBay auctions too.  It lets you know the status, what sold, what didn’t , how much it sold for and so much more.  There is no way I could cover all the features of this important eBay seller tool in this review, you have to visit their site and go through all their information there to fully understand and appreciate the power and usefulness of this application.

Garage Sale for Mac is indeed a must have and worthwhile application that is sure to help you sell all those items you no longer want or for those looking to add some extra income, the only program you will need to look like a professional dealer on eBay and save your literally hundreds of hours in listing all your items for sale on eBay.

On their home page you will see they have the stats on how many current eBay auctions have used their program.  Current number is 1,384,592, impressive wouldn’t you agree?

You will find their website is full of helpful information including their full online manual.

Be sure to check out their Garage Sale Touch a mobile app that allows you to upload your auctions when on the go.  Also Garage Pay their Pay Pal app that will let you know everything you need to know about your eBay payments.

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