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Make Healthy “Georgie Meatloaf” For Your Dog 2019

Our recipe for the healthiest and freshest dog food on the internet. We call it Georgie Meatloaf after our dogs name and it has been tested by over 39,000 readers and viewers of our popular YouTube video. Find out how you can ...
by Len Rapoport

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Chez Bruno – The Art Of Truffles

This article/movie is about Chez Bruno, a Michelin one-star truffle specialist restaurant located just outside of Lorgues, Provence, France. Restaurant Chez Bruno holds the record for serving the largest amount of truffles per ...
by Rudi Goldman



A Famous Name Is No Guarantee Of A Starring Role

CONSUMER REPORTS’ TESTS OF CELEBRITY PRODUCTS REVEAL THAT A FAMOUS NAME IS NO GUARANTEE OF A STARRING ROLE Only 3 of 26 products judged Excellent…Half of soups, sauces, and salad dressings judged average with some no be...
by pressrelease