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2016 Azamara Journey Cruise-Venice+Croatia

The Azamara Journey From Venice to Croatia We decided it was time to take a cruise on one of the Azamara ships.  The two Azamara Club ships are known as  boutique ships because of their size and elegance.  Azamara is also an...
by Len Rapoport


Photographing Northern Italy – Tips and Techniques

  Traveling in Europe can be very exciting for the tourist but can also pose a challenge for the photographer – especially Northern Italy. There has been much written for those who travel throughout Europe, includi...
by John Soule


Art on Ice 2012

Art on Ice – The world’s premier figure skating event

  tarting as just a concept in Zürich, Switzerland in 1995, the Art on Ice production has grown year on year to become the premier figure skating entertainment event worldwide.  The Art on Ice world tour includes only ar...
by Daniel Mitchell