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Audi remporte la 42ème édition ADAC – Zürich des 24h du Nürburgring

Retour sur la 42ème édition des 24h du Nürburgring 2014
by Alexis Antille


Historic Racing in Europe / Oldtimer Grand Prix 2013

As mentioned in an article I’ve published earlier on IPA historic racing is very popular nowadays. In Europe four big events lighten up the yearly historic motorsports calendar. Amongst them is the legendary Oldtimer Grand Pr...
by Marcel Hundscheid



F1 Street Demo a Thundering Debut

Ferrari street demo – click to see video Thousands of action-seeking spectators jammed the cordoned-off street along Doha, Qatar’s scenic Corniche. The January sun was bright and warm despite cool temperatures and a st...
by IMPress Archives