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The Eyes Have It – Underwater Photography of Wildlife

As a seasoned master diver and snap-happy underwater explorer, I am constantly trying to capture all of the unique creatures and beautiful environments with my camera. All safe divers know that we must “plan our dive̶...
by Howie Grapek


2013 New York International Auto Show – Introducing The Mercedes CLA 45 AMG

Len Rapoport, IPA's President gives us a view of the 2013 New York International Auto Show. The video and article will show you some of the hottest new cars to hit the market for 2014 and some currently available at local deal...
by Len Rapoport



National Aquarium in Baltimore Builds Spectacular 12 Million Dollar Blacktip Reef Exhibit

“Feel your heart race as a pack of 5-foot-long Blacktip Reef sharks speeds towards you.  Take a deep breath as you witness the rise and fall of a 5-foot wide whiptail ray’s massive fins beneath your feet.  Explore deeper ...
by John Soule