Scorpion Fish – Electric Eyes

Scorpaenids, particularly the Scorpionfishes, have a remarkable ability to blend into their surroundings. One advantage to their camouflage is that it assists in prey capture. Often, herbivorous prey will be attracted to the Scorpionfish and their encrusting algae. Other times, the encrusting algae can appear to be a “safe-haven” to passing-by fish and crustaceans. Regardless of the attraction, it is often a fatal one. The unfortunate prey rarely has a warning, as the attack of the Scorpionfish is lighting fast. The Scorpionfish creates a vacuum by quickly opening their jaws, sucking the prey into the awaiting mouth of the predator. Individuals within one genus of Scorpaenids, the Stonefish, have been reported to complete the vacuum-style attack in as little as 15 milliseconds

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