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The Vision Expo is one of our favorite trade shows. It is a massive show featuring the latest in eyewear and the latest innovations in technology. We had the opportunity at this show to interview the  Corianna and Brianna Dotson AKA Coco and Breezy, twins with a flare for fashion. Two years ago they developed their own eyewear line.  The glasses that brought them early fame was a three lens pair of sunglasses made especially for Prince.

Since I was probably too old to know who Coco and Breezy was I felt it was important for me to tell my readers a bit more about their fabulous eyewear line.  I didn’t realize they ree twins as you can see in our video they are not opting for their own unique persona.

The Vision Expo is an exciting show, all the major eyewear manufactures are their in force and in our video and photos you can get a general idea of what is new and the scope of this exciting industry. Eyewear is for everyone…for protection, to better ones eyesight and of course to be fashionable. 

Cazel Eyewear – Custom designed 14 Karat Gold & 6.00 CtTw Diamonds “Cazal” Sunglasses

Price: $19,989.00

If you want to be fashionable like the stars, then you have to check out Cazel Eyewear, one of the most iconic collections of eyewear.  Byonce, JZ and Run DMZ have a collection of their extravagant. We had an opportunity to get Jason Shyer Managing Director of Eastern States for Cazel.  Their frames can run as much as $20,000 or more…be sure to visit their website or simply do a Google search and see some of their very custom frames like the one above.

For us the show is a treasure trove of material for us to shoot.  So many beautiful people and so much activity at the show.  The major companies have set up bars for liquid refreshments from soft drinks to of course champagne.  It is an upscale show that is fun to cover.


4 Racer TBA

The lower level of the Javits Center housed the Technology portion of the Vision Industry.  I watched a live demonstration of the Mei 4 Racer TBA unit that can grind, polish and finish a pair of prescription lenses in less then one minute per pair.  With six spindles, this machine will cut any edge profile, with any inclination, in one working process whether it’s a bevel, nylor, rimless, drilling, polishing, T-bevel, step back (shelf), safety-bevel, etc.

I asked him who would use these units and he mentioned Costco had 5 of these machines.  No longer are your lenses made by a technician placing a prescription blank in a machine and going through the process of grinding it to fit your frame, one pair at a time.

I also have an opportunity to have my inner eyes examined in a new unit by Optos that can read and take the picture of the retina in your eye in less then one second. I put my cheek slightly to the left, looked into a green target until it turned blue and in one second it shot the photo of the inside of my retina you see here.  No more archaic devices where the doctor has to dilate your eyes, you wait 15 minutes, they flash lights into your eyes as the doctor peers through a device to see the retina. Technology is king in the vision show and we decided to cover the lower level first this time around.

Retina Scan of My Eye

The optomap® Retinal Exam produces an image that is as unique as your fingerprint and provides us with a wide view to look at the health of your retina. The retina is the part of your eye that captures the image of what you are looking at, similar to film in a camera.

Dry Eyes, no problem you can now take Maxi Tears Dry Eye Formula that they promise will improve tear production.  They also claim it will help your overall health because it contains a number of essential oils and vitamins .  I was given a full compliment and have started taking them. Will report back in the weeks to come.

One innovative device we fell in love with was the Optic Wash System showcased on the lobby of the exhibit hall.  I just love new technology and thought this was the hottest new product I saw at the show.  The Optic Wash system is a unique

It is the world’s first fully-automated self-serve kiosk that cleans and removes 99% of bacteria on eyewear, jewelry, watches, and smart phones. State-of-the-art sensor technology effectively detects, completely cleans and dries the item in less than two minutes.

Optic Wash

Opticwash is extremely easy-to-use and can literally be placed anywhere – malls, offices, hotels, airports etc. Opticwash is an efficient AND entertaining solution to cleaning a smart phone, which the average consumer touches 2,617 times each day and are 18 times as dirty as a public restroom toilet handle.

We had a great time as usual seeing (no pun intended) all the great new fashion frames, vision technology and enjoying the show as we have done in the past few years.  See our past show reviews and videos too.

Our Show Photos 

2017 Vision Expo - NYC

Note: You are free to download any of the images there as long as it is not used for commercial purposes.  Please email us for the rights to use them on your website or for any other purpose. Click on Image below




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